BIO: Evangelist DeWayne GoLightly  is presently the General Secretary of Evangelism and Missions of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. His duties include overseeing Evangelism and Missions for all the CME churches in the United States, almost 20 countries in Africa, Haiti and Jamaica.

I have served the church as a Christian Educator for over 35 years; a former Social Worker 15 years; Pastored 28 years, an Evangelist 27 years, and Christian Rapper 27 years.

I have presented Drug Free Presentations in Elementary Schools for D.A.R.E., Just Say No! and Middle Schools for TLC (Teen Leaders Conference) for over 20 years.

I served as a Prison Chaplain 7 years at Vienna Correctional Center in Vienna, Illinois. I was also Chaplain of IIP Boot Camp for first time offenders in Dixon Springs Illinois for 7 years.

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