Lift Him Up Higher

Rev. DeWayne GoLightly wrote the lyrics. DeWayne Christopher GoLightly wrote the music/arraigned/produced and mastered the CD.


The Spirit of the Lord led me to write this rap around the fall of 1999. It's a song that deals with some of the obstacles and temptations that are young people are facing. The Word is true. If we lift Jesus up in all that we do, He will draw all men, (our children, husbands, wives, sons, and daughters, friends and enemy's) unto to Him. Let's Lift Him (Jesus) Up...Higher!!!


Lift Him Up! (HIGHER)(4:28)


Lift Him Up (Higher) Lift Him Up (come on) Lift Him Up (Higher) Lift-Him-Up! (Say it)

Lift Him Up (Higher) Lift Him Up (come on) Lift Him Up (Higher) Lift-Him-Up!

(Instrumental) Higher, Higher, HIGHER!!!

(Instrumental) higher, Higher, HIGHER!!!

Verse 1

In the way you walk and the way you talk, In the way you think and act. In the 'things you say, the way you play, Now You know 'better than that! Watch your attitude, in what you say and do, you'd better let folk see JESUS in you. Aint nothin wrong with being Kool! Just lift Him up in all you do. At school, at work, at play, at church, at home, on the phone, with friends, alone, on a date, at a game, in a car, on a plane at the mall, in the hall, Lift Him Up Yawl!

Instrumental & Chorus

Verse 2

In the way you dress, I'm not impressed with your hem line up to here. Pants hangin to your knees for all to see your boxer underwear. Come on, give me a break, for goodness sake, Tell me who do you think you are. Oh a few gold chains and a diamond ring and you think you're a Superstar. All you wannabe's- you'd better listen to me, tell me where do you plan to spend eternity. All that silver and gold-cant save your soul choose heaven above or hell below!

Instrumental & Chorus

Verse 3

In the way you date, Yo! you can wait! KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON WHAT'S THE RUSH!!! You've got nothin to prove, with “I love you”. You wanna mess your Life up! (LISTEN!) STD's, a little baby, you'd better think before you act. Sayin No! and takin it slow. Want Give You A HEART ATTACK!!! YOU - Got something to prove, Let me tell you. God’s gotta a plan for your life. 1 So take your time and you will find. the right husband or the right wife. (Say it)

Chorus & Instrumental

Verse 4

In the things you do and the friends you choose, You'd better watch who gets close to you. Everyone that grins is not your friend, Better watch your back every now and then. Gangs don't care and you'd better beware, You want to end up like the rest? Kids dying everyday, too many graves, from the east coast to the west. Kids need attention, not detention Charity begins at home. And If we’re (parents) not there, who's gonna care. Too many kids left alone. (say it!)

Chorus & Instrumental

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